Lux Aeternus

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Gaming Links

Libris ex Nocturnis & The Forums of Libris ex Nocturnis
Greatest White-Wolf-aligned gaming site and forum ever. Been a bit quiet lately, but it'll wake up...

The gaming company behind Vampire, Mage, Werewolf and the works. The website has some nice materials and pretty decent forums.

Online gaming store with lootsa out-of-print material available in pdf-format. Also has a lot of freebies.

Project Redcap
One of the largest collections of Ars Magica- related links.


Gaming Humor

The Order of the Stick
Best gaming comic you can find online, just hilarious!

Dork Tower
The comicbook, 'nuff said.

Knights of the Dinner Table
Kodt, the original gaming comic. Lost a bit from it's best days, but still great.

Animated Dork Tower and Kodt flashes. Just beautifull!